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Fall Experiments and Projects
Art Engineering Math Science Technology

Fall Experiments and Projects

Here are some fun fall experiments and projects filled with explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 1. Pine Cone Weather Station Did you know that pine cones can predict the weather? Well, sort of. Pine cones open and close depending on the humidity…

Have the Best Eclipse Experience

Have the BEST Solar Eclipse Experience

Everyone is gearing up for the solar eclipse happening August 21, 2017 and I am totally geeking out over planning for this “Great American Eclipse”. Although the actual eclipse duration may be small, this natural phenomenon is a HUGE event and deserves to be…

Safe Solar Eclipse Viewers

How to SAFELY View a Solar Eclipse

For anyone viewing a solar eclipse directly it’s IMPORTANT to protect your eyes. Here are some ways to watch the eclipse without burning your eyes out. Seriously, DO NOT look directly at the sun, even if its behind the moon, without proper eye protection.…

Solar Eclipse Popsicle Recipe
Food Science Science

Solar Eclipse Inspired Popsicles

  I wanted a fun treat to have while we celebrated the solar eclipse.  I tested a few recipes and came up with one that turned out great. These solar eclipse inspired popsicles are layered with lemon cream and blackberry. The layers give the…